Laser Dentistry

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No Stress Dental Visits With LightWalker® Laser

Gone are the days of putting off a trip to the dentist due to anxiety over needles or the sound of the drill. With LightWalker® Laser, your dentistry needs can be met more easily than ever. This advanced technology virtually replaces the need for drills, needles, and scalpels in the dental office.

Dr. Cheryle Baptiste is one of the only dentists in the area to offer this extremely beneficial technology. LightWalker® Laser can be used to help make all kinds of dental procedures faster, more comfortable, and anxiety free for patients of all ages.

Done in a Single Visit
Most procedures can be completed in a matter of minutes thanks to LightWalker® Laser’s speed. Usually, there is no need for a second appointment, allowing you to get back to your life quickly.

Reduced Anxiety
The quiet, reliably needle and drill-free nature of LightWalker® Laser means you can leave your dental anxiety behind.

Increased Comfort
The majority of the procedures do not require anesthetic to be used, helping you avoid the uncomfortable, numb sensation.

This laser can be used for a variety of procedures, including:

  • Periodontal treatment and surgical procedures with minimal discomfort
  • Sub-gingival scaling
  • Treating herpetic cold sores/aphthous ulcers/canker sores
  • Enhanced and faster root canal procedures
  • Snoring and sleep apnea treatment without anesthesia
  • Tooth whitening without disturbing sensitive areas
  • Tooth root desensitizing
  • Sterilizes the extraction site and accelerates healing
  • Anti-aging lip plumping
  • Wrinkle elimination

See how our team’s dedicated care and cutting edge technology are changing dentistry. Schedule an appointment with our office today.